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 Frequently Asked Questions

Does 3voice support FAX machines through its IP extensions ?
No. Unfortunately, the best way to lower costs and be efficient in the use of the internet as a voice carrier for conversations is to use voice compression. In our case, we use a codec (codifier / decodifier) called g729a, which uses roughly 10kbps per call/way. The FAX machine was in use before the internet became massive, and it has its own audio compression, which it uses to send faster the scanned image of a page through phone lines; thus, by re compressing the FAX signal with g729a, we loose information and the fax machine on the other side cannot decode the signal, giving an error in reception at the destination end of the line.

3 Voice Systems offers, though, the possibility to receive faxes to a number and forward them via email. See our plans section.

What protocols and CoDecs does 3voice support ?
3 Voice Systems support SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and IAX (Inter Asterisk Exchange) protocols. We support the g729a codec throughout our network, however, we do not TransCode in our servers unless specifically requested.

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