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 What is VoIP ?

VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it refers to a group of technologies that allow voice (telephone) communication over the internet.

VoIP has had many beginnings and failed attempts (mid 90s); however, it has been in the last 3 years that the science and art of simulating conventional telecom networks over the Internet has matured to a level where consumers can take full advantage of the extremely low costs of VoIP compared to conventional telephony.

There are many flavors and methods as well as products and devices that will operate on the Internet providing voice communication. Slowly, two trends emerge: calls using a computer as the device for placing and receiving calls, or using telephones. We are 3 Voice Systems favor the latter, offering a wide selection of phones and adaptors. We believe these open-standard, hardware locked and controlled devices offer the best quality of sound and simplicity of connection to the Internet, as well as minimizing overhead on a user s computer.
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